Grounded Pictures, LLC is a multi-media production company located in Charlotte, NC. Our mission is to write, develop, and produce high quality film, video, and graphic art for the internet, television, and the big screen. 

Grounded Pictures provides writing, directing, producing, videography, editing, and graphic design services for the production of industrial videos, commercials, narrative films, documentaries, and print projects. We apply thirteen years of business acumen to every creative endeavor, coupling project management concepts, tried-and-true consulting processes, and facilitative analysis with our writing, directing, and visual talents to deliver media with a message: visionary media grounded in practical application.

Grounded Pictures. Creativity is our business.
Narrative Films
Graphic Novels
Commercial Projects
Story Boards

Grounded Pictures has produced several short films. In addition Grounded Pictures owns rights to several feature length and television properties including Stolen Lives, How to Jump Out of a Moving Car, and the Ministry of Magic (M.O.M.).

Grounded Pictures develops graphic novels and trans-media projects to support narrative films and television series. Sapiens Blues and Eve of Man are just two of our graphic novel projects.

Whether developing a feature film, a short film, an industrial, or a television series, Grounded Pictures provides detailed story boards to illustrate any director’s vision in advance of production.

Grounded Pictures also provides commercial services for web series, industrials, television series, and commercials. Our clients include:

  1. -Scarlett Plus Size Boutique

  2. -Fashion 101 Plus

  3. -Swiftwater Logistics

  4. -Coca-Cola Bottling

  5. -Nuvo Television

  6. -Marketing Express

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